Friday, April 27, 2007

Sometimes we teach people to 'bound'

So often I see the bewildered look on people's faces. Its the look of ' I've just been plucked from my happy world and made vulnerable - now everyone is laughing at me' See the video clip:

People come in to the hospital, get medicated, labeled with a disorder and 'dumped' back in their communities. The term 'dumped' is a strong word... it is not always the case that people get left to fend for themselves, there are many health professionals and community members who ensure that this does not happen. But sometimes it does!
Part of our jobs as health professionals is to help people recognise their strengths and abilities. And to let other people recognise this.
As someone once said, " we are all on a ledge, we don't know what will tip us" but I certainly hope that everyone encounters someone who will help them get back on their feet.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I hang my head in shame... It's been ages since I wrote a post. I have become a facebook addict!! It takes up all my time - amazingly what keep me going is that fact that I get a new friend everyday (mostly friends that I had in school ages ago).

Work has been going better. Its really tough being a new therapist! I feel the pressure of needing to know everything all at once. I suddenly have to form a new identity - as an effective and helpful therapist, a respected colleague and a full-time worker. But I'll put emphasis on FORMING.
Its a journey, one that i'll happily take with the knowledge that one day i'll look back and realise how far I've come!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Off to Zambia!

Hooray! My interview was successful!

I'll join the team heading to rural Zambia for two weeks in July.
My task will be that of training the other team members in Primary Health Care and then implementing an intense training programme for the community in Zambia. They are mostly illiterate, speak only the local language and have no running water or clinic.
The next few months will be focused on finding sponsors to fund my trip, getting to know my team mates and learning more about the Zambian culture to make sure we are culturally sensitive in our approach.

From what I've heard it going to be rough - no showers, we have to carry our drinking water and food from South Africa and of course, as with any country in Africa, there will be lots of mozies (mosquito's)!

Thank you to friends and family who are already supporting me!