Tuesday, May 15, 2007

mark the spot with a "doily"

In Afrikaans South African culture all our old "Tannie's" (aunts) would crochet round "doilies". These creative objects would come in all colours, elaborately covering surfaces around the house. From the toilet seat cover to the proudly possessed television.
Today I heard that this art had a more subtle and strategic quality. Men would come home and claim their space in the house by demanding full and uninterrupted rights to the use of the television remote control (alarmingly this attitude still prevails today).
Women on the other hand would fight back by placing their prized "doilies" on surfaces they could claim as their own. Heaven help a man if he put his feet up on the coffee table and there happened to be a "doily" sprawling on it!

My husband's business, Skyrove, is growing by the month. This means his office is has now included the lounge. Many times I come home to find the dining room table has been converted into a boardroom, my beautifully placed flowers stashed in a dark corner.

I think its about time I found my crochet needle...


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