Wednesday, May 31, 2006


the hours went swiftly by, chatting about everything from relationships past and present to a crazy days work. The sun quietly set...still chatting. Realise it's getting dark...there's no one in the building ....eerie....eeeck...we're in a psychiatric hospital with the strangest, most bizarre kaleidoscope of could be lurking in the corner...find the door by the dim light of a cellphone ..."oh crud" the've pad locked the door...panic. will we have to sleep in this building on hopsital equipment? bright idea..climb through window like a convict...hurray. relief. laughter...could we ask for stranger things to happen to us? so here it goes. this blog will be a collection of the many stories we live through during our year as physio/occupational therapist at a hospital for intellectually impaired adults.